Why Vegan Ricans?

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Vegans because we don't need dead animal flesh inside our bodies it depletes our vitality, our mental powers and make us feel exhausted. We don't want to support factory farms and their unnecessary process of killing millions of animals for food. "Ricans" because we're native Puerto Ricans people who were born and raised in the Caribbean island, Puerto Rico "La isla del Encanto" which means "The Island of Enchantment".

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Vegan Corn Chowder Soup

3 corn kernels
1 qt soy milk creamer (plain)
1 onion, chopped
2 carrots
1 potato
6 cloves garlic
2 Portabella mushrooms
2 bay leaves
1 thyme stem
1/4 cup potato starch
salt and pepper to taste



spookie said...

Looks YUMMY! Glad you've came back :) I thought you were gone... I've already printed 3 of your entries to make!

vegan ricans said...

you should try this soup too!
thanks for supporting veganricans...
we have more flavorful vegetarian/vegan dishes coming soon.

Jasmine said...

ooh! I just found your blog. It is beautiful! I will have to try one of your plantain recipes. My husband loves them, but I never cook with them...

We are actually visiting Puerto Rico next month. Any tips for eating veggie on the island?

vegan ricans said...

1. PuraVida
1853 McLeary Ave, Ocean Park/Condado (00911)
(Vegan-friendly, Puerto Rican, Caribbean, International, Beer/Wine, Take-out, Delivery)
2.Cafe Berlin
407 San Francisco Street, Old San Juan (at Plaza Colón) 787-722-5205
3. La Zanahoria
214 Calle Eleonor Roosevelt, Hato Rey (00927)
(Vegetarian, Puerto Rican, Caribbean)

La Placita is also a major Farmers Market, where chefs and “regular people” go to buy locally grown/manufactured products as well as the excellent fresh fruit shakes (batidas). The vegetable and fruit stands open daily at 6am. There is a free trolley service from Loíza St. In addition to being a historic local, the whole area now has free WI-FI internet access. (By:Travel and Sports Staff)



Jasmine said...

Thanks for the restaurant recs! I had never heard of the produce market before but I love tropical fruit, so we will definitely try to make it to La Placita. Cafe Berlin looks great too!

Incidentally, I made your pastelon recipe tonight. My husband and I really enjoyed it. It was my first time cooking plantains. Thanks!

Mel - BouchonFor2.com said...

I love the milk idea! I adore your recipes and your veggie blog is a wonderful read. Care to join a veggie food-fight hosted by me and shesimmers.com and submit a fennel recipe? More details: http://www.bouchonfor2.com/beet-n-squash-you/

PB and Jess said...

I'm vegan with a Puerto Rican husband, so I'm really glad I found your blog! Maybe now I can get him to try some of the things I make. :)

Vacation in Puerto Rico said...


Vacation in Puerto Rico said...

esto es sabroso. tratenlo en sus casas ademas es nutritivo.

The Commercial Mommy said...

seriously!?!?! I am making this TONIGHT!!